Neri Law Offices has immigration legal resources and immigration resources for undocumented immigrants in the U.S. for anyone interested in learning about immigration law, the immigration process, and/or are seeking tools to monitor and an existing case.


  • American Immigration Council (AIC) – The AIC, through research, litigation, and advocacy fights to create an America that provides a fair process for immigrants and that adopts immigration laws and policies that are fair and just. The AIC has immigration legal resources, such as a blog that covers multiple aspects of immigration law, and provides legal tools for attorneys.

  • Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) – The ILRC educates immigrants, community organizations, community-based advocates, and legal professionals. The ILRC trains, informs, and promotes civic engagement and social change.

  • Los Angeles LGBT Center, Legal Services – The LGBT Center provides social services, such as legal services, to the community. The Immigration Law Project provides legal consultations, prepares documents, represents individuals in court, and provides holistic support for its members that are fleeing persecution and torture in their country of origin, among other services.


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