Honest. Reliable.


Advance Parole - DACA (I-131)


“We were so lucky to have found Paola! My husband’s cousin recommended her and I’m so glad we decided to work with her. Paola is very professional and honest. She was upfront and clear about my options and the prices she charges for her services. Even though Paola was busy planning her wedding, she was very responsive. I really appreciated that! You can tell she is passionate about what she does and truly cares about her clients. Paola helped me with an Advance Parole process through DACA for work purposes. It took a little longer than expected, but that was due to delays in USCIS reviewing the case. Luckily, I was granted Advance Parole! I was able to travel to Mexico and return with a legal entry. Paola, kept in touch the entire time to make sure everything went well. Paola will now be helping me with Adjustment of Status. I would highly recommend her services!”

JJ, Yorba Linda, CA
December 8, 2021

Advance Parole - DACA (I-131)


“Initally my husband and I contacted Mrs. Paola Neri inquiring about assistance with continuing our approved family petition that was submitted by my husband and I. Paola was great at explaining what the steps will be and what documents we would need to submit. When Paola mentioned that I will need a legal entry I lost hope. The previous lawyers we consulted before her would only give me the option of continuing and having my interview at Juarez with the risk of not being approved and being penalized for 2-10 years as my case was very difficult due to being a “same-sex marriage.” Mrs. Paola was very confident that my process would not be any more difficult than any other process and she shared some of her success with other similar cases. She was the first one who mentioned Advance Parole. After she explained that not only will I be able to travel to my home country to see my family that I have not seen in over 20 years BUT it will benefit me by gaining the legal entry to the US that I would need!! I decided to move forward with it and applied for my I-131. Mrs. Paola explained every step of the process and made it so easy to understand! Everything was done via phone and electronic signatures. Paola would also follow up very often if I was missing a document or a signature. I felt well informed of my process thanks to how easy it is to contact Paola, from a call to a text message to even direct messages on Instagram! I would get responses right away and if she wasn’t available she would still reply to you letting you know she will follow up on your question or request. I am definitely very happy with the service I have received from this amazing attorney’s office! And I am looking forward to continuing with her services for my next process! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for assistance. Immigration processes are very overwhelming and having an attorney like Mrs. Paola Neri will make you feel so safe and confident on your case! 20/5”

Angel Navarro, Bellflower, CA
November 4, 2021

Naturalization (N-400)


“Best decision ever to contact Attorney Paola. It wasn’t the easiest case but she delivered. She obtained all the necessary documents and she answered all questions regarding my case. HIGHLY QUALIFIED AND RECOMMENDED for all your immigration cases. Very straightforward and professional. Very helpful in the interview for my citizenship. I am grateful for all your help. BEST DECISION EVER.


Oscar Rico, San Diego, CA
October 2, 2021

Experience During Consultation


“The professionalism of attorney Paola is excellent. Very patient listening to my brother-in-law’s case. We feel very comfortable talking to her. She shows her extensive experience in immigration issues. She explained each step to follow and was easy to understand. I feel very comfortable recommending her to my family and friends. Excellent service!”

Marlene Huerta Alvarado, Granite Falls, CA
September 30, 2021

Extension of Status (I-539) - U Visa


“I had stopped paying for my process with the U Visa and then they cancelled my process. During the process of searching for attorneys was not good they didn’t respond or were not interested in taking my case in extending my process. And during the time of covid they told me if i didn’t hurry to hire an attorney it was going to be hard to get it again. I was truly grateful that they recommended Paola I. Neri. She is such a brilliant lawyer and always answers all my questions. I’ve hired lawyers before, but you are truly the best I’ve worked with. I’m so glad you’re taking my case and I’m truly happy with your work.”

Meli Montiel, Paramount, CA
July 13, 2021

Military Parole-In-Place


“I am very grateful for the efficient and professional work of lawyer Paola I. Neri as she helped me process my military permit and everything was a success and I obtained it. Thanks to her professionalism and dedication, she gave me the confidence to continue working with her and take the next step and thus reach permanent residence, Thank you lawyer.”

Daniel Fabian, San Diego, CA
June 15, 2021

I-601A Waiver


“I was looking for help to process my waiver and talking with my sister she recommended me to the lawyer Paola Neri. I am very grateful and very happy with her work. She is dedicated and always in contact with her client. She is kind, super reliable and very intelligent. I can recommend her with confidence. Thank you attorney Paola Neri.”

Karina Herrera, Dallas, TX
May 15, 2021

Adjustment of Status (Green Card)


“Our experience with Paola during the immigration process was very pleasant, she was always available for any questions we had and kept us informed about each of the steps we had to carry out. We loved her proactivity, because due to the pandemic, our process was delayed, but she was aware of the case by contacting USCIS so that we could obtain our residency, in the end everything was very simple and much of it was due to Paola’s dedication. We highly recommend her work because she is a person you can count on 100%. Thanks for everything Paola.”

Paola, La Palma, CA
May 10, 2021

Notice of Intent to Terminate Conditional Resident Status (I-751)


“I cant be more thankful to Paola! She is knowledgeable, dedicated, competent, very responsive. I applied for my second green card and had a different attorney who made some mistakes in my documentation and my status could be terminated. Fortunately, I was referred to Paula and she helped to put together a response and we got approved! I know every one has a different case, but Ms Neri is certainly extremely professional, attentive to details and great to communicate to. I highly recommend not to seek any further, she is amazing professional.

Thank you!!”

Tatiana Gorshkova, San Diego, CA
March 10, 2021

Adjustment of Status (Green Card)


“Paola was referred to me through someone I know. She took her time to talk to me in details and guide me through the whole process during a phone consultation. She listened to my case and provided the information necessary at that time. After that, she was very efficient in getting all the documents for my application with a very quick turnaround once we had a deadline. She is organized and detailed. She seems to know her specialty very well and her confidence is notable. She was also very prompt to respond to any questions through email or text message. Finally, before my interview she scheduled a call to make sure everything was good to go and untimely I had my GREENCARD approved on the spot.”

Priscilla, Los Angeles, CA
March 3, 2021

U Visa


“We heard of attorney Paola Neri through a family member that referred her to us. We gave it several thoughts to even reach out, since our previous attempts with other attorneys had failed, but we decided to give her a try and I’m so glad and grateful we did. It was the best decision. Paola was able to find the police report that other attorneys failed to retrieve, their response was always “the crime happened long ago it’s too old, or it’s not a qualifying crime.” However, Paola did some very extensive research and investigation with several police departments and agencies. Until she was able to obtained the necessary documents.

This means a lot to us and we are so grateful for attorney Paola she answered all of our questions, she was extremely responsive and easy to communicate throughout the process, unlike other attorneys who never answer your calls. I highly recommend her, she is a true honest attorney who is very professional, knowledgeable, diligent, and dependable. She works for you to get whatever you need done.”

Emanuel H., Carson, CA
February 4, 2021

Testimonial Photo - Emanuel

Excellent Attorney and Communicator


“Paola may be licensed in California, but she can help people across the USA and beyond with their US immigration cases, successfully! On very short notice, a friend of mine needed to re-file her visa extension due to a serious medical emergency. Unable to fly home by doctor’s orders, we needed an extension and we needed the right attorney to help her.

Fluent in Spanish, I knew immediately that Paola would be the attorney my medically ill friend needed. Communication was amazing with her; not only did she explain things to my friend clearly and professionally in Spanish, she was accessible through and through- we never felt “unattended” or forgotten. She asked the questions necessary, requested what was required for the filing, assembled everything in a detailed and organized manner and kept my friend in the loop the entire time.

Needless to say, my friend’s filing was sent in on time and was granted without any issues. Considering this was done during the current pandemic situation (that has limited us in many ways) and with a slight emergency going on with my friend, we are so impressed with Paola Neri and her fantastic work. Attorney Paola Neri cares about her clients and her work shows it.”

Stephanie, North Bergen, NJ
February 2, 2021

Recommends Neri Law Offices


“A few months ago, I requested the legal services of Attorney Paola with the need to renew my work permit and she responded to my request in a timely manner, scheduled a telephone consultation, and collected information. Very quickly I had a response that my application was approved. The attorney gave me excellent service, she is very attentive, she always maintained a line of communication to be on top of my case, she resolved my doubts quickly and gave me impeccable customer service. Without any doubt if I need another service, I will contact them.”

Alejandra Felix, San Diego, CA
January 11, 2021

Recommends Neri Law Offices


“My name is Dafne Barahona, I came to the USA in 2014 in the company of my 2 children, full of dreams and goals. I started my waiver process with Attorney Paola Neri.

After having visited many lawyers, who did not generate confidence or the high cost discouraged me, I found the lawyer who was always very positive. Finally my children and I have our residences. My 601 waiver was approved in less than 6 months. We had to leave Honduras for my country and after spending almost 2 years in Honduras due to the pandemic, I was able to reunite with my husband.

Everything was very organized, she was very honest and responsible, she was always ready to answer our questions. The process of my children took less time because they were minors. I recommend her faithfully, she was very meticulous, took care of every detail of my 601 waiver she really works with her heart and we are very grateful. Sincerely, Dafne Barahona”

Dafne Barahona, Ocoee, FL
December 16, 2020

Recommends Neri Law Offices


“I contacted Paola earlier this year regarding my sister’s complicated immigration case and was impressed instantly. She responded to my request in a timely manner and scheduled a phone consultation with our family a few days later.

From our first conversation, it was evident that Paola is an exceptional lawyer. She is very organized, attentive, and knowledgeable. She ensured that we understood the case and its complexities, thoroughly explained the legal process, and simply outlined next steps. She is also patient and understanding. There have been setbacks in us getting Paola the information she requires to move ahead full speed with our case, yet she remains diligent and maintains an open line of communication with us.

This review would turn into a scholarly paper if I used all the adjectives that accurately describe how professional and amazing Paola is. I highly recommend Paola from Neri Law Offices to anyone in need of an immigration lawyer.”

Krystell Castillo, Houston, Texas
November 18, 2020

Definitely Recommend!!!


“I reached out to Paola back in May 2020 for a consultation from Australia. I explained my complicated situation and she was so knowledgeable and provided me with all the information I needed. In my case it was for a humanitarian Parole request. Paola is very thorough, works efficiently and is extremely organised. I have such a complex case and she patiently worked through it with me.

I am happy to say that we just recently submitted my request for a humanitarian Parole!! YAY! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her expertise and help. It has been such a pleasure working with Paola. I have had absolutely no issues and can comfortably come to her with any questions I had/have.

She is very detailed and someone you can definitely rely on to help you understand the process as you go along. She creates a sense of urgency and always provides you with an update on where your application is at. I felt she went above and beyond to inform me about my options and did her own research and offered suggestions of how we could work through it together. She is very professional with her communication and I am extremely impressed with her turnaround time – she just gets things done and responds in a timely manner. If you want someone efficient, reliable, knowledgeable, and thorough, I highly recommend Paola from Neri Law Offices. She won’t disappoint!”

Miranda, Victoria, Australia
August 24, 2020

Recommends Neri Law Offices


“Paola Neri is a dedicated attorney with a plethora of knowledge and expertise. I would recommend her to anyone facing deportation, and or needing help with the immigration process. With Paola, I knew my husband would be in good hands.”

Naomi Osorio, Nashville, TN
April 20, 2020

Recommends Neri Law Offices


“I do recommend Attorney Paola. She has been an amazing helper for my family with outstanding performance and knowledge regarding on immigration matters. If you are looking for the best and reliable law office, I strongly recommend her.”

Raphael Oliveira, Brazil
April 18, 2020



“I am very grateful to Attorney Paola Neri for helping me with my immigration papers. I had sought help from other attorneys who did not take my problem seriously, but Attorney Paola Neri was able to help me become a citizen through my father who was born in the United States.

I gave her all the necessary documents that she asked me for and so quickly I had my citizenship. Thanks to Attorney Paola Neri for taking her work seriously. I recommend this lawyer to the community.”

Hortencia Villareal, Los Angeles, CA
April 2, 2020

Recommends Neri Law Offices


“Knowledgeable, professional, and straightforward, it really helped me to understand what I’m up against.”

Adrian Galindo, D.F., Mexico
March 31, 2020

Recommends Neri Law Offices


“Excellent attorney, the truth.”

Ovy Padilla, Austin, TX
March 30, 2020

Exceptional Lawyer & Person


“I’m so grateful with Paola Neri, First of all Paola is an exceptional lawyer and better person. At first I was nervous to start my Immigration Process; but Ms. Neri made the process easy to understand. My process with Ms. Neri was fast and easy never expected my immigration process to go so quick.

Thanks to Paola I’m happy to receive my U.S. Residency. Once I meet the requirements to become a U.S. Citizen I’ll definitely reach to Paola once again for my Citizenship Process.”

Griselda Montalvo Borquez, Pico Rivera, CA
March 26, 2020



“If someone asked me for a reference, I would not hesitate to refer Paola. She was very efficient in her work and responded quickly to my calls and messages … I felt confident asking her questions and she showed that she had knowledge of the laws and knew her work very well.”

Araceli, Baldwin Park, CA
September 10, 2019

Excellent Results


“I want to praise the expertise and great professional work of attorney Paola, after having visited more than 5 lawyers she was the only one who gave me a different vision and solution to my problem with 100% positive results. Many lawyers are good, but it is in these situations that one realizes who is the best. Thanks Paola, I would hire you again without thinking twice.”

German, Hawaiian Gardens, CA
June 10, 2019

Great Lawyer!


“Mrs. Neri is a great lawyer. She helped me every step of the way. She helped me get all my paperwork for my waiver. She answered every question I had. She notified me and asked if I had received my copy of my receipt, my biometric appointment and my approval notice. So every time immigration sent me something, she would make sure I was aware that they send me a letter. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, I recommend Mrs. Neri. She is great and she will take care of you.”

Azucena, La Puente, CA
March 26, 2019

Excellent Immigration Lawyer


“Paola is one of the best immigration lawyers. I can honestly say that since day one she was very professional. All the paperwork she submitted to immigration, all of them, were approved even my waiver. I’m more than thankful she took my case and I definitely recommend her.”

Yazmin Villanueva, Los Angeles, CA
March 25, 2019

The Only One Who Helped


“Attorney Paola is an excellent person, very professional and very intelligent, she was the only one who recommended the best way for my husband’s legal support and she did it after us, she lost a lot of money and years with other bad lawyers. I could say much more of her, but I can only tell you that with her you are in very good hands she is simply an amazing lawyer.”

Juan & Maria, Hercules, CA
January 9, 2019

Great Lawyer


“We thank God for putting us on the path with Attorney Paola Neri. We are very grateful to you for taking our case. First, give you THANKS personally and give you the good news on our return. We would not hesitate to highly recommend you for your professionalism and dedication to our case. You were aware of our e-mails responding and answering our doubts. You made us feel very confident as if you were part of our family and knew our lives from the beginning. We will never tire of being grateful to you for your professionalism and, as previously stated, recommending your service to people. Thank you and God Bless you. Sincerely, Rivera family.”

Leonardo, Wilmington, CA
October 29, 2018

Hard Working, Humble, and the Best!


“Paola is a magnificent lawyer she was on top of everything, she really knows what she is doing, always very attentive on my case and she uses to call me to let me know how my case was doing, I never had to call her for it, I was even surprised because most lawyers out there don’t even call you at all, they are always busy and they just don’t have the time, well Paola is different she will answer your emails the very same day or even call you instead of you calling her and being on hold all day, she will give you a resume on how your case is progressing and if you need more documents or if you got to do something before they even ask for it, she will let you know, she was always one step ahead.

At her young age she is smart, she knows what she is doing, she is very well organized and always make you feel important and that’s something most lawyers don’t do now this day! Don’t hesitate about her age now modern day we need younger people because laws are always changing there is always something new and well Paola is very aware of that and she know best!

If you really want a lawyer that is humble, respectful, caring, formal, professional, very attentive and the best, well Paola is the one! I wish her the best, and I’m very thankful to have such a great Lawyer working on my case! If she reads this review, I want to thank you Paola once again!”

Leo F., Watsonville, CA
October 5, 2018

I Highly Recommend Her


“I highly recommend Paola for anyone seeking any sort of immigration legal advice. She is very patient, detailed, and organized. She handled the petition for a 601 waiver for my husband and it was approved!”

Norma, Compton, CA
August 23, 2018

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